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Stacy Kleber Design LLC is a DC based graphic design agency specializing in affordable, on-going design support for businesses and nonprofits.

We love helping our customers to establish and build their brand, using everything from logo design to infographics to print collateral. We work with clients both nationally and internationally, as their primary designer or as a supplement to their internal design team, to ensure consistency in their brand and to produce high quality design work.

Some of our notable clients include:

  • The International Baccalaureate
  • The World Bank
  • Smithsonian
  • The Wilbert Group
  • World Duty Free Group
  • Sisarina

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A Typical Project Process
Brief Development and Research
Concepting and Initial Design
Revisions and Finalizing
Services Breakdown
Social Media



We understand that branding is a huge part of your business, and we want to help you every step of the way.  From logo design to style guide to how to translate your new brand into print collateral and social media, we are here to help you build a look and feel for your business that translates into every touchpoint for your clients.

Print Design

At Stacy Kleber Design LLC, print design is one of our specialties.  From business cards to brochures to annual reports, we are experts at laying out information in a pleasing and intuitive way that will wow your customers.

Web Design

We offer various web design services to our clients, from creation of a new website, to maintenance contracts that allow us to update your site periodically for a set fee. We specialize in WordPress, and work in both static and responsive design, depending on your needs.

Social Media & Infographics

Stacy Kleber Design LLC also provides clients with social media services. We will assist you in setting up your social media accounts, creating graphics and a consistent brand look and feel for your company, and designing infographics or images that you can use to accompany your latest social media posts.


Stacy Kleber Jensen


Stacy is the founder and chief creative officer of Stacy Kleber Design, LLC. She has a BFA in Visual Communications from the University of Delaware, and an MS in Marketing from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Stacy has a passion for design and business, and loves helping companies build their brands, and find their voice.



Vader joined Stacy Kleber Design in 2015 as Personal Assistant to the Chief Creative Officer.  He oversees the day to day operations, keeps morale high and makes sure there are plenty of breaks and walks.


For companies and non profits looking for graphic design services, Stacy is a great choice. She is a pleasure to work with, very collaborative , patient and creative. She is an astute brand manager in terms of brand guidelines and always delivers work on time, meeting tough deadlines, when required.

Nancy Light, The International Baccalaureate

Stacy is always very customer focussed and responds quickly and professionally to design requests. She not only follows the brief but often improves it! I like her designs so much that I asked her to do my wedding invitations which everyone said were fantastic. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a designer.

Katya Vines, The International Baccalaureate

I hired Stacy Kleber to design a custom book for my company, Liesl Diesel Photo. She took the time to listen to my vision and then was creative enough to take the project to the next level. Stacy is timely, professional, creative, open to input and collaboration, and simply a delight to work with.

Liesl Schults, Liesl Diesl Photo

Stacy is a talented, creative, and highly organized colleague. She is a true team player and I can’t imagine the IB’s brand without her input.

Emily Lawrence, International Baccalaureate

Stacy is an excellent customer-focused designer. She takes time to find out what her customers want, and then gives them what they need. She is flexible and imaginative in her designs, but is also able to work within the parameters of corporate visual identities.

Tessa Edmonds, International Baccalaureate

I hired Stacy to design a one-pager for my company. I was so impressed with her responsiveness, creativity and professionalism that I hired her to work on another product. She understood my vision and took it to the next level with very little direction from me. I’m so thankful for her work.

Alison McNeil, McNeil Creative Enterprises

Stacy Kleber Jensen is a magical design unicorn. Everybody I know says so. #protip If you have a chance to do business with Stacy Kleber Jensen, do it. She will rock your socks.

Rebecca Gunter, Lightbulb Moments

Stacy has helped shape the look and feel of the Wilbert Group brand from the beginning, and is a great asset anytime we need design help. She can take a general concept, and come up with something creative. I can count on her to come through with something beautiful, even under tight deadlines.

Caroline Wilbert, The Wilbert Group

You were so patient with me and your vision and ability to take what I said and turn it into what I really wanted (which was the polar opposite!) was so magical! I am having so much fun with this rebrand! Your design has given my business new life.

Melanie Vracas, Cakewalk Strategies

Stacy and I have worked together for years – and that says a lot about why we still work together today. She is always on-time, communicates impeccably, and brings her superb design skills to every project. She reads every little detail of the project scope, comes up with her own ideas, and gives her all.

Melanie Spring, Branded Confidence

When you come to Stacy Kleber Design, you will work with Stacy. We don’t hand you off to a Junior Designer or Project Manager.


We know one size does not fit all, so we have experience in a range of print and web. We’re ready to tackle anything that comes our way.


We have experience typesetting in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.


Introduce us to a new coffee shop, and you’ll make our day.


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