July 2013

A bit of inspiration on the blog today…  This video of Amy Cuddy’s TED talk has been making its way around and I think it is an interesting piece to share.

Amy Cuddy Video

The majority of the talk is about how acting confident can actually make you believe you are confident – much the way smiling can trick your body into thinking you are happy.  Cuddy says that taking a few minutes to adopt a “power pose” can actually increase your confidence in a stressful situation.

Though all that is interesting, the most profound part of the talk for me comes from what she says at the end.  She tells a story about feeling like you don’t fit in – the way many of us have felt from time to time. So many people say “Fake it til you make it.”  But her mantra is “Fake it til you BECOME it.”

Her story really hit home for me.  I have often went into situations where I felt like I was “faking it.”  I went into an art program in college having only done photography.  By the end of my Junior year I was the top in my class.

I’ve since started a marketing masters program with my only experience in marketing being as a designer.  I overheard one girl say that she couldn’t believe there were people in class that had never written a marketing plan – like they had no business being there – and when I heard that, I just smiled. I’m one of those people, and in a school that gives mostly B’s, I’m pulling an A- in my classes.

Sometimes, even when people will tell you on paper that you can’t, you have to show up and try anyway.  The only person that knows your story is you.  If you work hard and believe in it, you won’t be faking it – eventually you become it. 

No one has all the knowledge all the time.  Fake it til you become it.