September 2013

I saw this quote from Dennis Goris go up on twitter, and thought it was perfect inspiration for my post today.

“The degree to which you like or dislike something is not necessarily a measure of its appropriateness for your business.”

This is one of the hard lessons in marketing, but it is one that we all need to learn if we are going to succeed.  Sometimes, whether or not you “like” a design has nothing to do with whether or not it will be successful in promoting your business.

For example, if your target audience is teenage boys, and you are a 40 year old female, an advertisement that appeals to your target may not appeal to you at all. You may find it too loud, too garish, too brash…but it may persuade a good number of teenage boys to buy your product. In this case, you need to really trust your agency, and their market research, and put your own opinions aside to be successful in your advertising.

This is not to say you should compromise on your morals. If an ad or design is unethical, it makes perfect sense to oppose it. But if you don’t like the color, and your target audience does, it may be in your best interest to put your taste aside and look at it objectively.

Keep an open mind in advertising and design. Many of the best ad campaigns meet resistance from the client because they involve risk and memorability. But success does not come from playing it safe. Success comes from committing, and taking chances.