December 2014

Infographics have become a huge trend in design over the last few years.  Why are they so popular?  There are a number of reasons…

Here are our top 3:

They take dense and sometimes boring info and make it easily digestible.

For so long, we looked at stats in one way – excel graphs, pie charts, tables, etc.  And while this visually helps us understand to a point, infographics take that one step further.  They often give the charts and graphs context, and make them creative and fun to look at.  The more time people spend looking at it, the more they will remember and understand.

They are ideal for illustrating on social media.

Almost all social media channels at this point allow the incorporation of images. In fact, some like Facebook, have algorithms that give you preference if you have an image.  Others, like Twitter, show a proven track record of increased views and interactions when you include images.  Infographics allow you to easily show a snippet of your blog post, article, etc in a visual manner on these types of platforms.

They incorporate design trends.

Many infographics very successfully complement the latest trend of flat design. This not only makes your company look current, but also allows the infographic to house a lot of information without appearing cluttered.

As you can see, infographics are a fun way to enhance your company’s articles, blog posts, newsletters, etc. Interested in hearing more?  Contact us at to begin your design journey with Stacy Kleber Design, LLC.

This week, Pantone announced their 2015 color of the year – Marsala.  Marsala is an interesting pick.  It is a deep, earthy red with some brown tone to it – a far cry from last year’s Radiant Orchid, which was more of vibrant pastel purple.

I wasn’t crazy about Marsala at first glance, but I have to admit the color is growing on me.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out here:  Pantone 2015

What should your palette be?

To start, this is the kind of color that would look very rich mixed with a black, white and gold color palette.

For a more modern mix, Pantone has been showing it on their site with pale peaches and light aquas – an interesting and yet visually appealing choice.

What sort of message is it sending?

Marsala is a color that is both warm and yet strong.  It will be more soothing than a vibrant red, and more friendly than a typical brown tone.

How can it be used?

It has a richness to it that makes it extremely versatile in both upscale design, as well as in more earthy design. It can be both “dressed up” and “dressed down” depending on how you use it.

In design, it should likely be used in moderation, as it will be a very dominant color.  There are exceptions to every rule, however…

How will you be using Marsala this year?