October 2015

Business cards are something that almost everyone has a use for. They are a great way to quickly share contact information with a colleague, contact or potential client. They are also part of your first impression. But are your cards as successful as they could be?

The number one piece of advice I have for clients is: put your name on your cards. I recently went to a networking event where I received a plethora of cards, many of which contained only the name of the business. This made it hard for me to reach out to these individuals to follow up and connect. After a brief meeting, it is natural that someone might miss or forget a name or two. Not having your name on your card discourages people from finding you on LinkedIn or sending you that thank you email. While there are situations where you might give a newbie to your company temporary, blank cards, a card with a name will always be more personal and encouraging.

Also, make sure to include your website. Your website is the modern day brochure for your company. Even if someone is hesitant to reach out after a meeting, there is a chance they will check your website – and if you get them there, you have a better chance of converting them into a customer.

Think about the format of the cards. While it may be trendy to have round cards, or unusual sizes, in the end, the business card goes into someone’s wallet or rolodex. A circle or an oversized card may not fit, and may discourage someone from keeping the card in the long term.

What other business card faux pas have you experienced?

As I mentioned in our newsletter, November is going to be an exciting month for us.  We are getting ready to be a participating vendor at the District Bliss November Social at Kendra Scott in Bethesda.  If you aren’t familiar with District Bliss, you are missing out.  Run by Sarah and Sara, an amazing photographer and wedding planner, the events are a chance for creatives and wedding vendors to mix, mingle and socialize while learning about each others businesses.  Each event has featured vendors in a variety of categories who provide work for the event – from venues to florists to photographers, and in this case, designers, which is the role I’ll be filling November 5th. Come back for a sneak preview of what I’m working on soon, and in the mean time, sign up for the event here!  It will be a blast.


Invitation Design by Stacy Kleber Design.  Photo by Paula Player Photography.