August 2016

happiness in design

Today, a little insight into me…

What aspects of a project make me truly happy?  It might not be what you think. Sure – it is fun to launch a project with a big client, but the things that make me happy to work from day to day are actually much more subtle…


I LOVE details.  The things that are less obvious, yet really cool. I just finished a draft of a folder, and you know what I enjoyed designing most? The inside. I can design the front, but what I WANT to design is that pattern or color you see when you open it up – that bit that surprises you. That is where the fun is.

White space.

I love using tons of white, with a pop of color. A white business card which flips over to reveal a hot pink back?  Yes!  I’m all in. Again, there is that element unexpectedness to it that makes it interesting. White space not only creates contrast, but is a great way to call attention to specific elements of a design.


I want to really let type shine. When I design a logo, I think about the personality of the typeface. Are you destined for an elegantly refined serif? An ultra-modern sans? An inviting and friendly slab serif? Finding the perfect fit is half the fun.


As primarily a print designer, I love to pick out paper. Different weight, tone and texture all add an element to design that can’t quite be achieved digitally. A really nice paper calls out to be touched.

What makes you happy when you see a design?