April 2017

As you know, in addition to our regular design services, we are collaborating with District Bliss this year for their DIY workshops, and have been promoting some merchandise on our Etsy shop. If you haven’t been to an event, we’re excited to share some photos with you here.


We’ve been showcasing designs for mugs, coasters, handmade scarves and much more.


We also do custom designs.


Check it out and join us for a District Bliss event at West Elm soon!

5 reasons

You may wonder, why should you choose to hire a design agency versus having a designer on staff?  What is the advantage of working with an external freelance designer or design agency like Stacy Kleber Design long term? Today we’re here to share some of the benefits with you.

We Know Your Business

Using the same designer or design agency regularly means we know your business. We remember your preferences and cater to them every time, meaning less revisions and quicker turnarounds.

We See Things from an Outside Perspective

Sometimes it is hard to view something objectively when you are too close to it. As an external designer, we are outside the company culture, and can offer recommendations that may not occur to you.

We Have Skin in the Game

Since you are our client, our success depends directly on your happiness and success. Therefore, we will work incredibly hard to give you the best service and solution for your design needs.

We’re There When You Need Us (and Not When You Don’t)

Maybe you don’t have the money to hire a designer on staff – or you don’t have enough work yet for a full-timer. That is where we come in. We work on a project basis, so you get the help you need on an as-needed basis. We can also work on retainer or by monthly contract.

We Do All the Things

Though we specialize, a small boutique agency or freelance designer needs to know way more than design. We understand what it means to run a business, and to advertise a business.  Therefore we have a better understanding of your needs as a business.

Are you ready to take the plunge?  Let’s talk!


design tips-3

Last Fall, in addition to running this business, I taught Intro to Graphic Design at the University of District of Columbia. Creating lessons gave me a chance to revisit what I love about design, as well as to remember some of the finer points that we often let slip by in our hurry to create the next big thing.

Graphic design is about ideas and problem solving, first and foremost, but to create GOOD design, you also need to pay attention to the details. Here are a few of the finer, but often forgotten, points of typesetting long documents:

Avoiding Widows

A widow is a single word on the last line of a paragraph.  Widows create extra white space between paragraphs and distract the eye. Widows call for manual adjusting of the paragraphs to eliminate the space.

Avoiding Orphans

An orphan is a single word or very short line ending a paragraph at the top of the next column or page. Orphans look out of place, and distract the eye of the reader. Again, manual adjusting of the paragraphs may be necessary to create an additional line, or to condense so the line ends the previous page or column.

Avoiding Rivers

Rivers are created in justified columns when spaces accidentally align to form a path through the type. Letter spacing can be manually modified to reduce the alignment issue.

Paying Attention to Rag

When setting text flush-left, rag-right, a good rag should flow in and out with small differences from line to line. It should not create a pattern or shape that distracts the reader and creates odd white space. This can be modified by letter spacing or soft returns in the paragraphs to create more even line lengths.

Good Kerning

Good kerning means that the letters have equal VISUAL space between them – so that no letter or group of letters is separated out. This is especially important in titles and headlines. While this may seem trivial, making something hard to read can completely distort the message. If you want to try your hand at kerning, check out this type game about proper letter spacing.

What other key points in Graphic Design do you feel get overlooked?