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Typography is popular in wedding settings and can produce some amazing decorations.  Did you know you can make your own typography décor?  Typography is arranging type to whatever font and size you want with particular spacing in-between.  It can create a cute sign, a beautiful saying, or a bold statement.  There are so many different ways to display your greeting or message that will suit any style of wedding.

Rustic Typography

Some fonts can make lovely rustic or vintage wedding designs and decorative items.  They can be used on wedding invitations, menus, greeting signs, schedules, table numbers and much more.  Frame your typography stating words like “love” or “forever” for a classy display of affection on your wedding day.  Decorate your wedding and reception with the power of words. There is no limit to what you can do with typography, especially for a rustic wedding.

Create Your Own

You don’t have to pay for a custom piece when you can make your rustic typography decorations.  Cutouts of the words you want can be tricky, but there are easier ways to get what you’re looking for.  Try using a single piece of wood in whatever sizes you would like.  For wedding displays or greetings, it generally should be larger so everyone can see it.  Prime and paint the wood whatever colour you choose.  It can be stained too if you like the natural look.

Using sandpaper you can distress the board a bit and let some of the wood come through the paint for a vintage feel.  It is optional if you would rather leave it painted in its entirety. Using cardstock and scissors or a Cricut machine, cut out any number and letters you want to the size you prefer.

The layout is essential, and you can arrange it however you would like.  It is where many people get creative with both the fonts, sizing, and design to create a beautiful and original piece.  Attach the letters and numbers using glue like Mod Podge.  After they are placed and have dried a bit, you can then paint over it with the glue to seal it all into place.

Wood Cut-Outs

You can make wooden cutouts of your typography too!  It is a little more involved, but it looks stunning.  Decide what font and word or words you would like and print them out in a large size.  Print them out large enough to make them your pattern to place on the wood.  Cut out your words and glue them onto your piece of timber.  The adhesive can be removed using sandpaper so don’t worry too much about this part.  Cut your word out using the appropriate tools and be sure to wear safety glasses.  Power tools can be dangerous, especially when cutting out letters or words because of the angles.

Once your word is cut out, you can give it a quick sanding and then paint or stain it for a beautiful DIY rustic wedding decoration.

You can use Typography just about anywhere. From wedding invitations, pillows, signs, artwork to many others.  It is an attractive way to display affection or announce your big day.  It can be used for your guest’s table number or to label items at the bar or at the buffet or snack table.  There are fonts for everyone and everything, especially for events that have a rustic or vintage flair to them.  Typography is a creative process that has an attractive outcome.  It can add the finishing touches to your wedding day and reception, and you can later display your creation in your home.

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