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What I love about design is that every new project is a learning experience. Recently, I had a client request metal business cards. As with every project, the medium helps determine the design. Metal business cards are no different. Here are a few tips and tricks I learned for those interested in designing their own metal cards:

Say No to Sharp Edges

This is obvious, but also easily overlooked.  While normal paper business cards can have sharp corners, on metal business cards, these corners become dangerous. All sharp edges on the card need to be rounded slightly to accommodate for this.

Eliminate Overlays and Clipping Masks

Use the Pathfinder tool in Illustrator to eliminate all overlays, and to remove all clipping masks. Be aware that this can be a lengthy process if you haven’t built the design to accommodate it – so my best advice is to plan for it as you design.

When Etching, Avoid the Edge

Some card providers may allow etching to the edge of the card, but the provider I chose required a border. It is worth inquiring with the provider early to find out if the border is required so that you can design with that in mind.

Design in 2 Tone, Along with Solid Black or Color

I spoke with two different providers, and their file setups were basically the same. For a silver card – use dark grey as your solid, light grey as your etching and white as your die-cut area. Solid black or any other solid color should be used for solid fill areas that will be etched, then filled with color (i.e. red areas should be red, blue should be blue and so on).  This file setup is fairly intuitive, and will make it easy for you, as well as the client, to visualize the final product.

Take Advantage of Textures

One of the things I would recommend is to take advantage of etching or die-cutting textures into the card for an interesting tactile effect. This is one thing that sets metal business cards apart from a flat printed card.

A metal card design file with etching (and no die-cut) might look something like this:



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