When you get an chance to work with a top branding agency on THEIR brand, it is quite the opportunity.  In 2016, we helped refresh the brand of Sisarina, rolling out an update of their original logo, as well as an updated website design, and logos for “I Rock My Brand” and their podcasts, “Adventures in Branding” and “HERadventures.” We also designed a new template for Melanie’s speaking gigs, including “Rock Your Superheroes,” a talk she gave in Australia.

Results: Sisarina is rocking their brand, and engaging high quality customers. We continue to work with Sisarina to offer updated branding for their company, as well as their clients.

Photos by Mary Gardella

Original Sisarina logo provided by Sisarina

“Stacy and I have worked together for years – and that says a lot about why we still work together today. She is always on-time, communicates impeccably, and brings her superb design skills to every project. She reads every little detail of the project scope, comes up with her own ideas, and gives her all. I highly recommend working with Stacy on any design project you have.” – Melanie Spring, Branded Confidence